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About us

Who we are:

Magida Al Toukhi the founder of Dida is a cancer survivor herself. During her treatment she found inner peace through yoga and handcraft. She has found art to be one of the highest forms of hope.

Being an interior designer with many years of experience in design and different styles and her love for colors inspired her to work on handmade embroidered pieces. She has put all her heart and soul into her work to create unique colorful pieces.

Through Dida, Magida seeks to empower women in general and cancer patients in particular to overcome obstacles and never lose hope.

Also, knowing how difficult and costly cancer treatment is, Magida wants to support patients by donating 15% of the sales to Zahra Cancer Association.


Our Products:

Our collection features unique handbags (linen tote bags, straw bags and fabric bags) with handmade embroidery. Every single creation is colorful, trendy and fashionable. There is one of each design making them absolutely exclusive to the customer.

Our handcraft on the bags is mainly 3 parts:

The bag itself with the different kinds of fabric (linen, silk, cotton) blended in a mix of colors.

The hand embroidered pieces on the bag with a selection of different embroidery accessories on each bag.

Accessories on the bag that reflect our theme and cause be it cancer support and women empowerment.

As for the fabric bag, a colorful lively design is printed on it then hand embroidered.